what is bitcoin
how to invest in cryptocurrencies

is cryptocurrency a currency? no, but think of the euro
bitcoin is peer to peer
Case study: bitcoin and the Winklevoss Twins
Case study: Theodore Herzl and the what-if

bitcoin as a taxable asset/currency

about the blockchain
centralized system for a decentralized currency
fork you! what is a hard and soft fork
is bitcoin safe or dangerous
who uses bitcoin and cryptocurrency
other alt currencies

information about wallets – online vs desktop
private and public key
it’s all about the APIs, baby


online wallet generation

desktop wallets
raspberry pi

top bitcoin wallets
top ethereum wallets

information about processors – buying and selling
information about exchanges

beware of fraudulent wallets
beware of alt currencies that are fly-by-night
Case study: Kanye West and how anyone can create an alt currency
beware of promises to double your cryptocurrency
debunking myths about it
are bitcoin and cryptocurrencies legal
can bitcoin disappear one day
bitcoin used for money laundering or illegal activities – guns don’t kill people
bitcoin used to save the world – africa

Bitcoin Mining
What is it
Hardware Miners
Online Miners
Genesis Mining

Research what gives the best return
bitcoin faucets and mining
online miners
hardware miners
online vs hardware miners – pros and cons

cryptocurrency news and resources
resource: integrating bitcoin in online payments – woocommerce, bitbuy, etc.
news and blog

bitcoin resources
online classes
donate in bitcoin
paypal also works
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