Information About Multi-Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Bitcoin can be used in exchange of other currencies and cryptocurrencies, making an “exchange” a form of processor. Some exchanges out there include:


Poloniex is an interesting exchange in that it has most of the major cryptocurrencies and some interesting startups. It used to have a trollbox where users would spew utterly useless dribble. On occasion there might have been one or two tidbits. This was discontinued so that moderators could focus on support, though support isn’t the greatest.

The exchange rate isn’t so bad: .15% Maker fee, and .25% Taker fee. Also, those rates go down when specific thresholds are met.

One thing that’s a real annoyance is the $2,000 withdrawal limit. To upgrade to $25,000 one needs to supply picture ID, which isn’t so bad, but then the waiting period takes forever and support (through Freshdesk) is poor. That said, in the event something goes wrong Poloniex is the first to announce through Facebook/Twitter when an issue is being addressed.

One big turnoff is the high amount of confirmations needed.


Bittrex is a more venerable exchange than Poloniex, with more coins to trade. However, exchanges are .25% across the board and like Poloniex, it takes a while to upgrade to level 2 verification. Bittrex though is a bit faster to verify. is a regular exchange with some cryptocurrencies other exchanges don’t have.




HitBTC is a pain in that it’s intermittent, but we like that hit has support for specific coins, notably Substratum.


Kraken is one of the most robust sites on the market. It’s not the most user-friendly but one you get used to it it’s not bad.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is another peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. Similar to Quebex, each user lists his/her exchange preference as well as what s/he is looking to buy it for.

More Bitcoin exchanges can be found here.

Verified Scams is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange based in London, England. They are a scam.


Quebex is a Canadian Bitcoin exchange that allows one to buy and sell bitcoins, peer-to-peer. Each user lists an exchange method of his/her preference. It’s a scam since the one person (some guy named Daniel) is needed to verify your account through skype, and phone support is nonexistent. We have tried multiple times to contact Quebex and Daniel without success.