How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies

Some of you might wonder how to invest in cryptocurrencies from “real money.” There actually are a number of exchanges that do so. The best way is to Google “where to buy bitcoin” and see what pops up.

That said, a brief list of the ones we tested (and work) are:

1. – charges a 3.75% “convenience” fee and support is substandard, but at the same time is one of the more reliable wallets out there.
2. – this requires a wallet to be created elsewhere.
3. – itBit is a three-in-one: a wallet, exchange and buy/sell service. To buy bitcoins it essentially requires a wire transfer from a U.S. bank account, but it works. Once the initial hurdle of tying in a bank is completed, the ability to withdraw bitcoins is seamless.

A larger sample list of Bitcoin exchanges can be found here.