RentBerry: 4 Reasons to Dislike It

RentBerry: 4 Reasons to Dislike It

Recently I’ve been hounded with Facebook and Google Ads on Rentberry and how to get in on the ICO. I then am taken to a slickly built website and design-wise, everything looks good. That’s where it ends there.

I personally won’t be in on this ICO for the following reasons:

1. Landlords Won’t Take

In concept, no landlord that I know of will want to accept rent in rentberry tokens. Most landlords are of the older generation that, if you’re lucky they just heard of Bitcoin and can’t wrap their heads around that. In addition, landlords need that money to pay other bills etc. Will the electric bill, heating bill, etc. be payable via rentberry tokens? There are also government hurdles which a decentralized token like rentberry is ironically trying to avoid.

2. Weak Implementation

The implementation is weak. Their platform website looks like a simple MLS listings platform that any website can have. See Ian Balina’s video for more on this:

3. Vague Roadmap Description

There’s a vague description in terms of what they’re roadmap looks like. Visiting their homepage reveals that.

4. No Dedicated URL

This irks me more than anything. Notice how their URL is on a platform called I understand if the token sale is done on that platform as it’s simple to use, but seriously, not having the base website under it’s own dedicated URL?

Sorry, I’m out.

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