Substratum – Decentralized Web Hosting Without Any Special Software

Substratum – Decentralized Web Hosting Without Any Special Software

Recently a new Ethereum-based token has been released on an exchange called Substratum. Substratum like many other technologies promises a decentralized internet using your computer. The difference here is that Substratum apparently doesn’t require any special software to run on your computer.

The implications are mind-boggling. For example, in countries like China where internet is heavily regulated and restricted, having a Substratum VPN allows one to bypass such restrictions and be able to browse freely, which is what the internet was meant for in the first place before net neutrality became a buzz term. As the localized server, by your computer providing some juice for the decentralized network, your account receives substratum.

In all, this is exciting since this is an alternate internet option for users that may not necessarily be tech-savvy. This eliminates the need for VPN or Tor technology to access country-restricted websites.

Substratum’s full whitepaper can be read here. The ICO has ended but you are able to exchange ethereum for sub on etherdelta as of this post. It should come out on regular exchanges soon. With that in mind plus the upcoming second round of token burning, get in on it now!

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